Camp Sport-Social is excited to be one of the few summer camp programs in Las Vegas that encourages the enrollment of children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Parents of children with Autism may rest assured that the friendly staff at Sport-Social are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill set to create a successful, enriching, inclusive, and most importantly fun environment. From behavioral management to special dietary requirements, our facility is the perfect place to send your child stress-free! Our staff is educated in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) because we feel it is the most effective approach when working and teaching children on the spectrum.

Special Needs

In addition to encouraging enrollment among the ASD family, Sport-Social has an open door policy to children of all special needs. There is no limit to our learning and Sport-Social encourages any and all of interest to join us in our most successful fun-filled camp yet. With our painless intake process personable and experienced managers are available to speak directly with any parents whom may have concerns or questions regarding their child or any accommodations that are needed while at camp.


With our one-of-a-kind camp setting, Sport-Social provides several options for children who may need special accommodations. While we provide a standard 3:1 children to instructor ratio we understand some campers may need an additional one on one ratio. To make this possible Sport-Social has an open door policy in which a home therapist or outside tutor may accompany a child when necessary. This therapist is not provided by Sport-Social staffing and will not be paid for by our company. If the family cannot provide an aide but would like for their child to still attend they may request a Sport-Social provided instructor and will be subject to additional fee.

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