Basketball is easily one of the most loved sports in the world. There are so many benefits to knowing how to play basketball. Basketball lessons are a great way increase motor function skills, multitasking, and reaction time. Learning how to play an organized team sport gives your child a sense belonging and accomplishment. Basketball teaches an amazing amount of confidence and motivation while keeping each child engaged in a healthy, physical activity. Our 10,000 square foot facility has an indoor basketball court that is perfectly sized for kids of all ages and abilities. Our skilled instructors use the proper methods to teach each child based on their functions and abilities.

Private lessons here at Sport-Social will focus on all the fundamentals that will allow your child to exceed in ball skills and team involvement. We will start with a strong foundation and build upon basic skills to encourage each other and improve understanding the game. Our instructors start with the basic dribbling, passing, and shooting. Each section will be broken down step by step and introduced in a way that is fun and comfortable. Basketball lessons will focus on ball control and switching off hands while dribbling. Bounce passes and chest passes will be practiced at low and fast paced speeds to help students react accordingly while in game play.

Offensive and defensive positions will be explained and demonstrated through out the lesson to give each student a full understanding of their role on the court. Our experienced instructors will also teach the necessary and correct technique while shooting. Sport-Social believes in putting emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork which are crucial and beneficial to help your child blossom as an athlete. Simple things like congratulating the other team and giving specific compliments after the game will help everyone’s moral and confidence. Being involved in a team sport can increase friendships and self-esteem, enroll your child today!

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