Bike Riding

With so many trails and mountains surrounding the Las Vegas valley, bike riding can create an opportunity for your child to explore the outdoors while engaged in a healthy, physical activity. Bike riding lessons here at Sport-Social teach your child the importance of balance and awareness which are necessary for any child. Bicycle riding lessons can help your child discover self-confidence through success and our facility will allow a comfortable experience for any timid rider. Our bike riding lessons start by teaching correct posture which includes sitting up straight, strong grip, keeping eyes forward, one foot on pedal, and one foot ready to push.

Our methods ensure consistency through repetition, with a variety of visual obstacles like cones and small ramps, your child will learn how to correctly control a bike in any situation. Our instructors will encourage each student to explore their own creativity and freedom inside our 10,000 square foot warehouse. Sport-Social has a full indoor skate park with ramps that accommodate all bikers of beginner or advanced skills. With the right amount of encouragement and patience our students can learn bunny hops, manuals, and how to drop in!

Our experienced instructors will teach each bike lesson with an emphasis on multitasking which is an important skill that helps prepare your child with the focus they need to complete a goal. Bike riding is a therapeutic physical activity that allows each student to rely on themselves. Bike riding is a positive outlet where each rider can push their own limitations while letting out aggressions or frustrations. Riding a bike is one of the worlds most popular modes of transportation, therefore, we can also focus on traffic safety, rules, regulations, and long distance riding. There is no telling how much your child can accomplish when they are encouraged here at Sport-Social.

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