Awesome Birthday Parties & Events at Sport-Social

Las Vegas is riddled with options for birthday party venues. It’s hard to decide on what your child might like, if they’ll be safe, if their friends will have fun, and the cost… Luckily, Sport-Social has the solution! Our 10,000 square foot facility is full of adventure, learning, and fun! Inside, we have an entire skate park with ramps, hills, and a half-pipe for bikes, scooters, or anything on wheels! There’s also a full court to play all sorts of ball sports! From basketball to soccer, dodge ball to freeze tag, the court has enough space to play all sorts of games! Included are 2 rooms for art and learning, and even after all that… There is still room for a bounce house! That’s a lot of space for activities!

Having your birthday party here doesn’t only entitle you to our space, it gives you a chance to meet some of the best and interactive staff this city has to offer! We aim to make a difference in other’s lives and we’re passionate about doing it! Many of us are expert, or even sponsored, skateboarders and all of us interact and help with kids on a daily basis. During the day, we teach kids with special needs how to play sports and the importance of valuable social skills. That way, at night, we can play and party with you! Our packages give you the option to choose from a Skateboard Lesson Party to a Free Time Party. One gives you a chance to teach your child an awesome skill, while the other can offer a cool place to enjoy their party. More information is provided below. All things considered, the choice should be simple now… Sport-Social can throw you one of the BEST birthday parties yet!

Questions? Call us now for bookings, availability, and additional info! 702-485-5515

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