New Guy

I'm still one of the new guys here at Sport Social, but it doesn't take long to acclimate to the culture that we harbor here. Aside from the abundant positivity, what makes it so easy to fit in is the collective push from all the instructors to be yourself. Everyone here is proud of their individuality and strong personalities. Nobody is trying to fit into a particular mold or set of standards and therefore, everybody is accepted as a part of the family. This extends beyond the coworker-to-coworker dynamic and applies to the kiddos as well. We teach them how to be the best versions of themselves, not a copy of someone else. I think that's as big a part of why kids like coming here as all the fun stuff they get to do (bounce house, anyone?). Our kids know that they are accepted for who they are, regardless of how different they might be. Austin L., Music Instructor, November 2016

Cool Friends Everywhere!!

Since becoming employed here at Sport-Social, I've noticed that there is a very strong constant that exists: The Community. Whether it's at work, at an event, or even in a public space, people from this community that we've created holds strong and true. We’ve created connections with parents, kids, friends, and families.
For example, the other day I went to a local trampoline house (Gravady) with some of my friends. Shortly after I walked in, one of our clients walks in. At first he didn’t recognize me, but I went on to say hi anyways and we shared a short conversation. Not even 10 minutes later, he finds me and asks me to come jump with him all because of this bond that is valued here at Sport-Social. It’s really an amazing thing.   Manny G., Executive Assistant, October 2016

Attitude Is Everything

Attitudes here at Sport-Social go a long way. For me, I know I always try to encourage positive attitudes no matter what the situation may be. Expressing feelings isn't always the easiest for some kids, so the positive encouragement surrounding Sport-Social really helps the kids express how they feel in a positive manner. It's one thing for us as instructors to have good attitudes, but when we're able to influence our positivity into our kids that's where we really make a difference.   Devin B., Sport-Social Instructor, June 2016

Expand Your Comfort Zone

One of the most magical things that kids learn at Sport Social is to embrace the feeling of being out of their comfort zone. Beginning a new skill like biking, skateboarding, or soccer can be hard, but kids at Sport Social find a way to try their best and thrive! I believe this is because of the staff, who are consistently challenging their clients, while also making sure they are having fun learning these new skills. When kids and families make Sport Social a part of their comfort zone, it drives our staff to continue providing a positive environment for making new friends and learning new things.  Jamie E., Sport-Social Instructor, May 2016

All Ability Ranges

I often have inquiries from parents as to what ability requirements we have for kids to participate at Sport-Social. When I explain to them that we can teach and help children and teens of ALL ability ranges they are amazed and often dubious. But the proof is in the progress! I spoke recently with a mom who said she didn't think her son was capable of much physical activity due to his disabilities but was astounded that Sport-Social was able to teach him to ride a bike and a skateboard! She never dreamed he would be able to do those kinds of activities in his lifetime and now he even does them at home! She said Sport-Social has had a profound effect on her sons life as well as their family's! Grace K., Sport-Social's Community Relations Manager, May 2016

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