Guitar and Bass Guitar

Being one of the most popular instruments, in the rock genre, it is rarely difficult to find others to play music with, on the guitar or bass (musicians are always in need of a bass player). Whether it’s at a friend’s house, local music shop, or an impromptu session at school, learning some standard chord progressions will always allow a student to play the guitar with anyone, regardless of their skill level.

The guitar is an instrument that can help one connect with others, undoubtedly. Even after learning just a few chords on the guitar, a student can begin to put together and play some basic songs. Playing music in such a fashion can be an extremely useful way to deal with stress and anxiety. Generally, we begin with some very basic skills such as single note play. This also helps build up calluses on the fingertips – which is imperative to being able to play the guitar. Working our way up, the student will begin to learn some basic chords and how to put them together to eventually create song structures.

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