At Sport Social, your child can learn to play an instrument! We have one-on-one instruction available for the Piano, Guitar, Drums and Voice. We provide a tailored musical experience for your child, searching for a specific way to make a connection between your child and music. Playing music can be beneficial for your child as studies have clearly shown the benefits of playing music and the improvement it can make upon how the brain processes the spoken word.

In addition, learning an instrument can act as a wonderful precursor to enhancing a child’s social capabilities, arming the child with a sense of self-esteem that can help them connect with other children and help create lasting friendships. Learning and playing an instrument consistently is not only a means for a child to express themselves and even learn creative expression but, it can possibly help with a child’s focus and discipline – especially if a child is highly motivated to learn a particular instrument – learning technics can sometimes be accommodated to more academic areas of study.

Almost nothing affects as many parts of the brain, as music. Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, ‘If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I get most joy in life out of music.’ As with any instrument we teach at Sport Social, the goal is to instruct the student, in the most compassionate way, how to be as proficient as possible, while giving the student a sense of self-worth, yet still creating an enjoyable atmosphere in which to play and create music.

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