Paul Voegele

Here is a photo of Paul and his awesome beard. Here is a photo of Paul and his awesome beard.

Paul is a dedicated team member who has been at Sport-Social since we opened our first facility in 2011. Paul started off as an ABA tutor and worked his way up in school and Sport-Social to become our Social Program Manager. He is currently working on his second masters degree in psychology. He is a patient person who has many talents including being eagle scout, he can tie any knot you need!

Q: What are some values that are important to you?

A: Honesty, Courteous, Loyalty, Trustworthy, Bravery

Q: Tell me about your proudest achievement.

A: Being the youngest person in my troop to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

Q: What are your lifelong dream?

A: To be successful and happy in all of my endeavors.

Q: What are three positive things your best friends would say about you?

A: They would have much more than three positive things to say about me!

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?

A: Using my toy ninja turtle vans with workout weights as roller skates in the pool.

Q: Which do you think you have the most of: Talent, intelligence, education, or persistence?

A: Persistence, It has helped me improve all of the above.

Q:What is your greatest fear?

A: My greatest fear is to feel unwanted and unappreciated.

Q: How did you get involved in Boy Scouts?

A: My brother and father were doing it, so I joined too!

Q: You got engaged this year, how did this come about?

A: I asked a simple question and she gave me a simple answer. I gave her two rings and pro- posed to her in bed and on the beach. (Her two favorite places).

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