Private Skill Lessons

For students who want to focus on specific activities like riding a bike, painting a mural, or playing the drums, we offer targeted, one-on-one Private Skill Lessons. These lessons allow learners the flexibility to master one or more specific, desired skills. We accept all ages and ability ranges, from the first-timer to the experienced student. During our Private Skill Lessons, instructors concentrate on teaching the targeted skill(s), rather than social and behavioral goals. Students are still encouraged to engage appropriately with peers, and have the opportunity to earn Cool Friend Tickets. Private Skill Lessons are taught only by instructors with extensive experience in the specific target skill. These weekly lessons are 1 hour each, and students work on one to three skills per lesson. Many students choose to enroll in both a weekly Private Skill Lesson and The Sport-Social Program, in order to receive targeted instruction in both social/behavioral goals and sports, arts or music skills.

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