School Sports Program

This sports group program will teach your child the fundamentals of common sports played in P.E. at school. We believe these games will help children establish and maintain confidence in their own abilities to participate in these widely used games. Being involved in sports is a great tool for self-expression, problem solving, and improving self-esteem! These games will promote independent thinking as well as group involvement. Students will have fun learning basic skills and the rules of each game, while making friends along the way.


Instructors will be putting a large emphasis on teamwork. Teamwork is a necessary tool for success and the games we teach will be structured to have students involve everyone. Group sports are a great way to help students creatively solve problems on and off the field. Our session will provide the opportunity for active members to step up and take leadership roles Instructors will also focus on a variety of skills ranging from reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is an important attribute of any athlete. We will teach our students that being a good sport is having respect for all players, having a good attitude, being a team player, and so much more. Our games will promote friendly competition and create challenges amongst students and encourage them to do their best.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude can really change the outcome of any situation and we will encourage our students to believe in themselves as well as others. This sports group will allow our students to grow as an athlete and evolve as a person. It is important to take pride in what we do but it is also important to be humble in victory. Winning isn’t everything and we will take a unique approach in teaching our students the correct way to participate in sports activities. Our skilled instructors will help students interact and enjoy physical sports in a positive and productive way!

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