Scooter Riding

Enroll your child in our private scooter lessons today! There are over 20 skate parks in the Las Vegas valley and learning how to ride a scooter can be a crucial endeavor for kids of all ages. Learning how to ride a scooter will increase motor function skills and multitasking. Our experienced instructors will teach your child all the essential skills needed to control, ride, jump, and have fun while riding a scooter. Lessons here at Sport-Social start with simple building blocks to create a strong foundation to really excel at each desired skill.

We start our lessons by focusing on correct technique, proper foot position, as well as maintaining good body posture, leaning and looking forward. Learning how to ride a scooter provides an amazing amount of balance and confidence building skills. Our scooter lessons will encourage kids to get outdoors and enjoy an individualized sport while connecting with others who have similar interests.

Each scooter lesson will focus on correct technique and maintaining control as well as strengthening hand-eye coordination and feet-eye coordination. Sport-Social has an indoor 10,000 square foot facility with wooden ramps and air conditioning so your child has a comfortable, consistent place to improve their skills. Learning a sport like riding a scooter will teach your child how to be independent while expanding their own limitations. There is no wrong way to scooter and we will encourage our students to explore creativity and self expression through a physically active sport. Scooters are widely used for transportation and we also can provide lessons in traffic safety and skate park etiquette. Skate park etiquette includes social guidelines that help each athlete participate safely at parks and events.

We believe learning how to ride a scooter is beneficial for the development of confidence, friend making, and over all physical health. Sign up for lessons and give your child the opportunity to explore new heights!

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