There are so many benefits to playing soccer, enroll your child in our private soccer lessons today! Here at Sport-Social we will teach your child the importance of being active and playing as a team while thriving to do their best. Our 10,000 square foot warehouse will provide a comfortable and cool setting to learn all the aspects of soccer.

Knowing how to play a sport like soccer can create an amazing amount of confidence and independence. We will help your child learn to be engaged in a healthy and physically active sport while making friends along the way! The skilled instructors here at Sport-Social will start by creating a strong foundation of understanding the basic rules and guidelines of soccer. Than we will focus on ball control and using teamwork to accomplish a common goal. The instructors here at Sport-Social will encourage our students to believe in each other and to be confident in their own abilities to succeed.

We will break down offensive and defensive positions and the importance of both working together as one unit. Private soccer lessons will also focus on sportsmanship, which is a key element to any real athlete. Our unique team of instructors will teach the importance of being humble in victory and supporting all those around us. Learning how to properly play a game like soccer will increase beneficial skills like problem solving, reaction time, and feet-eye coordination.

With so many different options and ways to play soccer, being involved in this fast paced game will help your child creatively and help increase organizational skills as well. Making goals and scoring points will be presented in a positive and structured way, using cones for distance and other students to challenge each kicker. Sport-Social believes in consistency and our lessons will present the necessary information in new and exciting ways to help your child succeed!

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