The Sport-Social Program

focuses on teaching specific social and behavioral skills to children and young adults of all ages and ability ranges. After an initial evaluation we will place your child into one of the following: 1:1, 1:2,1:4, or 1:6. A student’s appropriate ratio is determined based on their ability to follow group instruction and learn in a group setting. Next,learners are matched with other kids with similar social and behavioral needs and goals. After being evaluated, matched and placed in a group, we will create an individualized education plan for each child, with social and behavioral goals and benchmarks. Sessions are weekly, for 90 minutes each.

We use a center-based program that rotates through three areas – Sports, The Arts, and Classroom. Each week children will have an opportunity to experience and learn something new in each center. , In the classroom, students receive explicit instruction in a social skill crucial to meeting their specific goals. Arts and music activities may include making collages, drumming, drama, clay sculpting, rhythm games, painting, and more. Sports activities often consist of bike riding, basketball, skateboarding, volleyball, soccer, or scooter riding During all activities, students receive direct instruction and lots of practice in targeted social and behavioral skills such as transitioning appropriately between activities, making eye contact when speaking or listening, introducing yourself to a new person, staying on topic in a conversation, etc.

Select members of our staff will be leading these groups and implementing students’ individualized goals and benchmarks. Instructors will provide a detailed memo after each session, and they will meet with parents every 2 months to discuss progress, create new goals, and assess the possibility of moving the child to a larger group setting.

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