Stacie and her nephew cheesin’ above Stacie and her nephew cheesin’ above

Stacie hails from West Deptford, New Jersey. Stacie loves beach trips with her family and spending every moment she can in the ocean. She excelled in soccer and played in an international tournament in Australia at the age of 16! She moved to Las Vegas in 2013, where she landed a job doing theater production on the strip. Her relentless work ethic and love for sports made her a prime candidate for our Office Manager. When she's not working you can find her exploring the mountains, at the beach, or at the dog park. She has the unique ability to solve problems very quickly and prides herself on being a great friend.

Stacie with her favorite pup Ryder Stacie with her favorite pup Ryder

Q: What are some values that are important to you?

A: Being Honest and having a positive attitude.

Q: What are you passionate about personally?

A: Traveling as much as possible!

Q: Which do you think you have the most of: Talent intelligence, education on or persistence?

A: Persistence. If I wanted something then I worked until I got it. Whether it was making a sports team or deciding to a end college for theater although mostly everyone told me not to.

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