Sport-Social is a dynamic and vibrant business devoted to building self-confidence, social skills, and positive behaviors among kids of all ages and abilities. From modest beginnings in 2011 as a Las Vegas start-up, we have been steadily expanding our operations. As we grow, our commitment to the community we serve continues to guide our efforts.


We aim to TEACH our students the social skills, emotional maturity, and positive behaviors that will equip them to communicate effectively. This self-discovery will enable our students to make new friends, play appropriately with old ones, and interact with adults in their communities. Our program is unique in that students learn and practice these skills while developing their talents in our one-of-a-kind facility while engaging in athletic activities, the arts, computers, and music. We believe that the most effective social and behavioral instruction comes from proactive instructors trained and experienced in the principles of behaviors. Our instructors work with small, flexible, individualized groups with very high or 1:1 instructor-to-student ratios.


We ENCOURAGE learners to put their skills and talents into practice. Our students train and learn in a supportive, motivating environment where successes are celebrated—cultivating happy, tenacious and social individuals. We believe that every child wants to be able to make friends and communicate clearly. That’s why our specialized programs combine sports with real-world interactions with peers, under the nurturing supervision and guidance of our instructors. This way, we unlock the true potential of each child.


We vow to EMPOWER young people to lead fulfilled, enriched lives with interpersonal interactions and the skills to explore exciting sports activities. Our goal is to equip students with the necessary tools embolden them to express themselves beyond the walls of our facility—in basketball courts, skate-parks, playgrounds, classrooms and schoolyards. We will enable them to make deep and meaningful friendships and overcome stress and defiant behavior, while always focusing on the individual needs of each learner and family. As Sport-Social grows, we will continue our mission and remain faithful to our commitment to empowering kids of all ages and abilities as they mature into successful and productive individuals—the best versions of themselves!