Private Sport Lessons

Sports can create an opportunity for your child to explore the outdoors while engaging in healthy and physical activities. Las Vegas is surrounded by many trails and mountains as well as 20+ skate parks. We have a 20,000 square foot air conditioned indoor facility complete with a skate park, basketball courts and a fun zone, so your child has a comfortable, consistent place to come each week! We provide one-on-one instruction for scooter, bike, skateboarding and court sports.

Let us give your child the simple building blocks to create a strong foundation that helps them excel at each sport they desire to learn. All sports lessons include instruction in personal safety about always wearing pads and helmets, and traffic safety. Our goal is to encourage kids to get outdoors and enjoy an individualized sport while connecting with others who have similar interests. There is no telling how much your child can accomplish when they are encouraged here at Sport-Social!

Scooter Riding

Our experienced instructors will teach your child all the essential skills needed to control, ride, jump, and have fun while riding a scooter. Each scooter lesson has a focus on correct technique, maintaining control as well as strengthening hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Students will learn proper foot position, as well as how to maintain good body posture by leaning and looking forward.

Learning a sport like riding a scooter will teach your child how to be independent while expanding their own limitations. There is no wrong way to scooter and we will encourage our students to explore creativity and self-expression! We believe learning how to ride a scooter is beneficial for the development of confidence, friend making, and over all physical health.

Bike Riding

Bike riding lessons will help your child discover self-confidence through success and our indoor facility will allow a comfortable experience for any timid rider. Our bike riding lessons start by teaching correct posture which includes sitting up straight, strong grip, keeping eyes forward, one foot on pedal, and one foot ready to push. All lessons have an emphasis on teaching your child the importance of balance and awareness as well as multitasking. Multitasking is an important skill that helps prepare your child with the focus they need to complete a goal.

Riding a bike is a therapeutic physical activity that allows each student to rely on themselves. It is a positive outlet where each rider can push their own limitations while letting out aggression or frustration. It is one of the world’s most popular modes of transportation, therefore, we can also focus on traffic safety, rules, regulations, and long distance riding. Our methods ensure consistency through repetition, with a variety of visual obstacles like cones and small ramps, your child will learn how to correctly control a bike in any situation. With the right amount of encouragement and patience our students can also learn bunny hops, manuals, and how to drop in on our indoor ramps!


Skateboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. Our unique and talented team allows us to offer skateboard lessons for all ages and abilities, from those who have never stepped on a board to those who can already do tricks. Skateboarding lessons at Sport-Social will give your child the skills necessary to control and enjoy every aspect skateboarding has to offer. It is an independent sport that teaches self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

We start by teaching your child proper foot and body position and will teach them to work through pushing, kick-turns, and dropping in. We have consistent teaching methods that ensure progression in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere. Each skateboard lesson will focus on controlling the board through confidence and repetition which allows your child to enjoy and learn at the same time. We will focus on flat ground, skate park etiquette, simple and difficult tricks, and riding our cool ramps in our indoor facility. Skate park etiquette includes important social guidelines that help students participate safely and this includes taking turns, being aware of your surroundings, encouraging others, and much more. Our skateboard lessons will help children to express themselves while staying physically and mentally engaged with others in a fun environment.

Court Sports

Court Sports are a great way to increase motor function skills, multitasking, and reaction time. Learning how to play an organized team sport gives your child a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Our indoor air conditioned facility has a basketball court where our skilled instructors use the proper methods to teach each child based on their functions and abilities.

We will focus on all the fundamentals that will allow your child to exceed in court sports and team involvement. Offensive and defensive positions will be explained and demonstrated throughout the lesson to give each student a full understanding of their role in the game. We start by giving them a strong foundation and build upon basic skills to encourage them and improve their understanding the game. Skills will be broken down step by step and introduced in a way that is fun and comfortable. Sport-Social believes in putting emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork which are crucial and beneficial to help your child blossom as an athlete. Simple things like congratulating the other team and giving specific compliments after the game will help everyone’s moral and confidence. Being involved in a team sport can increase friendships and self-esteem, enroll your child today!