Private Art Lessons

Creativity needs an outlet. Art is one of the best ways to express oneself. Art lessons at Sport-Social will help your child channel creativity into challenging and rewarding projects they can be proud of.

At Sport-Social our art program is a 1:1 art lesson for students interested in elevating their skills in visual art to the next level. Students will be placed with our skilled and passionate artists to be coached in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Lessons consist of learning concepts, practicing technical skills, and fun challenging projects that tie our students skills together to create finished projects.

Drawing Lessons

So many of us love to draw whether it’s a doodle on an assignment or pages and pages poured out into a sketchpad. Drawing is a simple and powerful creative outlet for the young and old alike. The instructors at Sport-Social incorporate classical concepts, the learner’s interests/ styles, and a fun environment to push artists to the next level with their art and their ability to share it proudly!

Painting Lessons

Taking visual art to the next level with painting is challenging, fulfilling, and fun with the passionate instructors at Sport-Social. This program builds on the skills and talents of our clients by incorporating classic concepts and creative guidance throughout the process.

Sculpture Lessons

Sculpture is a creative and imaginative activity that people of all ages, abilities and skill levels can learn and enjoy. Learning to sculpt with our talented instructors is meant to be engaging, fun and functional while incorporating the Sport-Social values throughout the program.